Sharp Debuts 22in and 26in 1080p TVs

World's smallest Full HD sets even double as PC monitors.

In an industry seemingly obsessed with claiming ever larger world’s first labels for ungodly-big TVs Sharp’s latest trio of Full HD, 1080p TVs may well surprise some readers. Rather than offering punters a new large set to long for, Sharp has gone the opposite way and unveiled the worlds smallest TVs sporting Full HD, 1,920 x 1,080 resolutions, specifically 32in, 26in and 22in models.

The sets are being put forward as a combination of TV and PC monitor and I can’t say the idea is a bad one, as I do just that already – albeit in a much messier manner. My personal PC setup aside, Sharp is offering the same basic spec across all three monitors, which pack dual Composite, dual HDMI ports and S-Video on the TV side while DVI and D-Sub make up the PC side of things. A digital tuner is embedded.

The three sets carry 2,000:1, 1,500:1 and 1,200:1 contrast ratios on the 22in, 26in and 32in sets respectively, which isn’t especially impressive by LCD TV standards, but should prove good enough for the not-too-discerning user. The sets will also offer Picture-In-Picture modes so you can watch TV and do some work at same time, or play some Bioshock perhaps. A UK release isn’t specified but Japanese readers (if there are any) can grab these next month.

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