Save nearly £500 on this 4K Optoma DLP projector in Amazon fire sale

Amazon has slashed nearly £500 off the price of an Optoma 4K projector, taking the price down from £2000 to £1525 in a limited time sale.

What will your £1525 get you? An Optoma UHD550X projector with full 4K resolution along with a 2800-lumen lamp. Two HDMI inputs along with a VG connector should be enough for all your devices, too.

BUY NOW: Optoma UHD550X for £1525, down from £2000

We haven’t yet reviewed this new projector, but the one reviewer so far on Amazon was rather impressed: “This is an amazing 4k projector, upgraded from an Optoma HD33 and totally blown away by the quality of the projector. It’s very large but runs silent and I’m very happy with it, images really have a pop…”

As this is a mid-range projector, it isn’t for top-of-the-range cinephiles, as it won’t have all the bells and whistles that high-end aficionados would usually expect. However, as a way to fill a wall with 4K images from your Sky box, it’s a decent bet, if not entirely perfect for immersive movie viewing.

BUY NOW: Optoma UHD550X for £1525, down from £2000

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