Save £300 – Microsoft Surface Book discounted to just £999

The Microsoft Surface Book is a great laptop, so we’re excited to share a deal with you that makes it even better.

Argos has discounted the Microsoft Surface Book by an impressive £300. That brings the price down from a hefty £1,299 to a much more manageable £999.

The Microsoft Surface Book features a 2.4GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, a 128GB solid state drive, Microsoft Windows 10, a 13.5-inch screen, a high-resolution 3,000 x 2,000 pixel display, Intel HD graphics, two USB 3.0 ports, Bluetooth, a built-in webcam, and a 12-hour battery life.

Buy Now: Microsoft Surface Book at Argos for £999 – Save £300

In our review, we gave the Microsoft Surface Book a 4/5 score, praising its great performance, sharp and vibrant screen, solid build quality, and impressive software. Here’s our verdict:

“The Surface Book is the best Windows 10 laptop I’ve tested. It features a wealth of top-end hardware within a slim, travel-friendly chassis, as well as a solid, well-connected keyboard dock.”

Buy Now: Microsoft Surface Book at Argos for £999 – Save £300

Surface Book

On Argos, the Microsoft Surface Book has a 4/5 score based on 53 user reviews. Users wrote:

“Not only is it an amazing laptop, it is all crammed into something the size of most laptop screens. My only problem is my desire to keep it looking as good as it arrived.”

“I’ve been using the Book for four months now and haven’t run into a single issue. It’s a very beautiful design and, while it does have a small package, the battery will go all day and the system never feels slow. I’m a happy buyer and when the time comes to replace it, I will certainly look at the Surface line again.”

“It may be early days but I can’t keep the smile off my face.”

Buy Now: Microsoft Surface Book at Argos for £999 – Save £300

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