Save £175 on the smartest toothbrush around in mega Black Friday offer

Much like takeaway pizza, only a fool pays RRP for an electric toothbrush. But even we couldn’t resist pointing out this tempting smart toothbrush deal over on Amazon, with the Oral-B Smart Series 6500 on sale at a big, fat discount for Black Friday.

This is the cheapest this brush has ever been, with an RRP of nearly £230, the Smart Series 6500 normally hovers around the £100 mark and was £95 the day before the discount. What is the discount, you ask? It’s down to £55.49. That’s a solid £40 saving for just waiting an extra day. Now that’s smart.

BUY NOW: Oral-B Smart Series for £55.49 at Amazon

This brush has all manner of bells and whistles. Along with four different head types for different tooth types and brushing styles, it comes with a carry case, timer, charging ring and six different brushing modes. Tip: Ask your dentist how you’re supposed to use them.

Or, use the free app as your dentist*. Using data sent from the brush itself, it’ll give you live feedback on how well you’re brushing and where you can improve.  *You should still regularly visit your local dental professional.

Reviewers on Amazon seem to like it, too, and many of them gloat at how little they paid for it. One-up them with this lowest-ever-price deal.

BUY NOW: Oral-B Smart Series for £55.49 at Amazon

This reviewer even went so far as to speak for their dentist: “Bought for my husband and his Dentist is delighted – it has made such a difference. Dentist wishes everyone would buy one.”

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