Save 15% on Dell Alienware gaming machines with this code

There’s nothing like getting a good deal on an already discounted product, which is what makes this latest Dell offer so tempting.

The Dell Outlet store has launched a new offer code that will net you 15% off the price of any Alienware machine on sale. You’ll simply need to enter the code AllAlienware at checkout.

But the kicker is that the Outlet store sells ‘Certified Refurbished’ goods, which means they’re already priced at lower than you’d normally pay for a brand new product.
Buy Now: Save 15% on Dell Alienware gaming machines with code – ALLALIENWARE

Here’s how Dell describes a ‘Certified Refurbished’ machine:

“Certified Refurbished PCs are laptops and desktops that have been returned to Dell, put through the production process and then again retested to ensure they meet all original factory specifications. Certified Refurbished systems may have some observable cosmetic blemishes, but they will not affect performance.”

You can also get ‘Scratch and Dent’ products, which are described as follows:

“Scratch and Dent products are systems with considerable cosmetic blemishes that do not affect performance. They are a great way to save money while still enjoying Dell Outlet’s rigorous rebuilding and testing process. Scratch and Dent computers will not have scratches or pits on the screen, missing or illegible letters on the keyboard, or damage to the touch pad or palm rest.”

Buy Now: Save 15% on Dell Alienware gaming machines with code – ALLALIENWARE

There are plenty of great machines on offer, including the Alienware 13 laptop.

In our review, we gave the Alienware 13 a 4/5 score, praising its beautiful screen, solid Full HD gaming performance, impressive keyboard, and the fact that it’s VR ready.

Here’s our verdict: “The Alienware 13 isn’t the prettiest gaming laptop around, but it is one of the most flexible and ticks all the right boxes when it comes to functionality. The wealth of customisation options means gamers can tweak it to meet their specific needs and desired price point. Its excellent keyboard and robust metal chassis certainly add appeal over rivals, such as the Razer Blade and Gigabyte Aero 14, for buyers where mobility doesn’t matter so much.”

Our reviewer added that it is “an excellent gaming laptop with a wealth of customisation options”.

Buy Now: Save 15% on Dell Alienware gaming machines with code – ALLALIENWARE

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