Save 10% on any MacBook – including the new 2016 Touch Bar MacBook Pro

As the dust settles following the mayhem of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a new opportunity to empty your bank account beckons.

Yes, the festive season is pretty much here now, and if you need a new laptop, you might well be tempted by Apple’s shiny new MacBook Pro, which comes with a whole new thing to prod – the Touch Bar.

If that sounds like you, you’ll be pleased to learn that Currys PC World is in a generous mood, and is offering 10% cashback on the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

That means if you buy the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar in Space Grey for £1,749, you’ll get a full £174 back.

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In fact, the retailer has gone and extended its cashback offer to the entire MacBook range, so you can even pick up a humble MacBook Air and get 10% back.

It’s a full on pre-Christmas bonanza if there ever was such a thing, and it looks like the offer is good right up until December 20, so you’ve got some time to get your order in.

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What exactly does this cashback business entail? Well, you simply have to shell out for the laptop, then wait 21 days, complete an online claim form, and choose how you want your money to be refunded. Simple stuff!

Make sure you fill out the refund claim 21 days after you buy and before 60 days expires, though, otherwise you won’t be able to take advantage of Currys’ offer.

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Those looking to get into some premium MacBook action will be pleased to learn the 10% cashback also applies to the top-end MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

If you’ve got a spare 2K lying around, then, you might well want to pick up the core i7, 16GB, 512GB SSD monster and get a healthy £270 off the cost.

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Let us know if you take advantage of this deal in the comments.

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