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Here’s Satya Nadella teasing Microsoft’s folding Surface Duo

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has been snapped handling the upcoming Surface Duo in what appears to be a public place. Does this mean its release date is inching closer?

The Android handset was unveiled in October. However, the Duo is different to other folding devices like the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Motorola Razr, in that it features two distinct 5.6-inch displays, which are connected by a custom 360 hinge and that fold onto each other like a book.

With the screens folded out, the display stretches 8.3-inches from corner to corner, though with that hinge running down the middle.

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A tweet from Yahoo reporter Brian Sozzi got tongues wagging online, with fellow Twitter users expressing their excitement at the rare sighting of the folder. It looks like Nadella is using the mobile as his regular handheld, which must be one of the perks you get when you’re Microsoft’s big boss.

At launch, Microsoft said that both the Surface Duo and the Surface Neo were slated for a release in “the holiday season” of 2020. Microsoft is currently working with developers to ensure apps work and can take advantage of the unusual screen arrangement.

Though Nadella already appears to be making notes regularly on the long-awaited device, unless we hear anything different from Microsoft in the coming weeks and months, we’ll still be on track for that end-of-2020 release date.

Although we wouldn’t mind if we got a bit earlier. Just saying.

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Other details about the Surface Duo are, right now, pretty scarce. We haven’t as yet got a confirmation on price, but it’s likely to be steep, as most folding devices we’ve seen so far have been extremely expensive. Maybe if you ask Nadella nicely he’ll lend you his pre-release version.