SanDisk’s Sansa TakeTV Player Exposed


SanDisk must rank amongst my favourite companies in recent years and its latest innovative product gives another good reason why…

The ‘Sansa TakeTV’ is an 8GB flash drive with a twist: it can plug into a dock with TV outputs and decode DivX, Xvid and Mpeg4 files (up to 720 x 576 pixels) to your TV on the fly. Very cool.

Cleverly, the TakeTV also has a holster which doubles up as a remote control and SanDisk has made it compatible with ‘Fanfare’, a new beta site which will provide direct (and legal) download access to classic TV shows and movies.

Naturally enough, the TakeTV is yet another offshoot of the licensing deal SanDisk inked last year with DivX and though the player doesn’t offer HD support it does look a viable alternative to the many more complex media streamers out there (a lot of which struggle with HD in any case).

In fact, the only fly in the ointment in all this for SanDisk is it hasn’t actually launched TakeTV yet – it was leaked on (and incidentally is ”still” there – check the link below). Consequently, there’s no RRP or official launch date as such but I’d take a guess at both and say ‘not much’ and ‘soon’.

Good work, even better work SanDisk…

”’Update:”’ Seems I was right. TakeTV is now out and will cost just $150 (£75) for the 8GB version while a previously unknown 4GB model will retail for a mere $100 (£50). Of course we still have non-American tax to be added, but as a direct conversion that works out as roughly a zero premium on a typical 8GB/4GB memory key – woooo hoooo!

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