SanDisk Sansa ‘Clip’ Squeezes Shuffle & Stone

A powerful signal of intent.

Every manufacturer thinks time is up for the iPod shuffle, but is this the most compelling alternative yet?

From SanDisk today comes the ‘Sansa Clip’, a tiny player which matches the shuffle’s portability yet provides a feature list comparable to full size devices.

Starting off with the most obvious plus point: the Clip features a four line OLED display – which surely has to be a must for modern day players, but on top of this users will also find an integrated FM tuner with recording capabilities and 40 presets, a mic and (it has to be said) familiar shuffle clip and iPodesque controls.

On top of this the Clip sports a good 15 hour battery life, compatibility for MP3 and WMA audio formats and, as the picture shows, is barely the size of two quarters at 55 x 34 x 16.5mm and weighs an almost untraceable 26g.

Perhaps best of all however – this being SanDisk – is the price as the company plans to push out 1GB and 2GB Clips for just $59.99 (£30) and $39.99 (£20) later this year. A choice of black, red, pink and blue finishes will also be available for the 2GBer.

SanDisk’s e200 series already offered the best alternative to the iPod nano and I have to admit that with the Clip the shuffle’s days should be numbered…

SanDisk UK

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