Samsung’s HD DVD/Blu-ray Combo Player Delayed

While another Blu-ray only model gets culled altogether.

Is anyone ever surprised when products get delayed or cancelled just before their proposed launch dates? The latest company to fall foul of the growing trend is Samsung, the products in question being the dual HD format BD-UP5000 and Blu-ray only BD-P2400. For the former there are reportedly problems with implementing the soon to be mandatory features of BD Profile 2.0, which has forced Samsung to hold back the release until the problems can be resolved.

The BD-P2400, on the other hand, is being axed altogether due to its failure to meet said new standards. Seeing as it was also a fairly minor step up from the currently available BD-P1400, adding only DVD up-scaling and 7.1 support, it seems as though Samsung has decided to cut its losses and move onto something new.

Of course, those of you familiar with the HD DVD specifications may well be aware that a network connection, onboard persistent storage and many other functions being added in the new Blu-ray spec, have been mandatory since launch. Moreover, from films such as 300 we can testify that features like picture-in-picture really make extras and deleted scenes far more compelling viewing, so it’s good to see them finally being added to Blu-ray.

Now slated for a December launch we hope there won’t be any further delays to the BD-UP5000, though we’d sooner see Samsung delay what could become a flagship product than produce a LG BH100-sized disappointment.

Samsung UK.