Samsung’s 2007 Bordeaux… Printers That Is

A full bodied, well defined blend of metal and plastic which delights the palate.

I don’t speak Korean and evidently nor does Google so details are a bit sketchy on this release from Samsung However, it has to be conceded that I am almost tempted to refer to the latest printers out of its R&D debt as stylish, a term not usually placed on anything so dull as a printer. Taknig up the Bordeaux branding previously attached to the equally stylish TV range.

So, what we do know is that the models are called the ML-1631K (on the left) and SCX-4501K (on the right) the former being 12cm thick mono Laser device and the later 16.5cm all-in-one job. No DPI, PPM or other information is available but images are, so fair enough, who cares how long it takes to print today’s edition of The Times when the printer is shiny and black?

In all seriousness, the two devices are supposedly the slimmest in their respective classes and apparently required a complete year-long redesign of every component in order to make the shrink. Elsewhere we can assure budding purchasers that you wont have to tolerate the ghastly sight of paper extruding from the top of the machine as it is stored in a recessed tray. As we said, no other information is available but just look at them if you can’t resist the temptation of connecting a printer to your PS3, make it one of these.

Mycom Japan (Google translated).

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