Samsung patent teases advanced wireless charging pad for Galaxy gadgets

Samsung could be exploring ways to charge smartphones wirelessly and from a distance with the latest patent it has filed with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (UPTO).

The new patent the South Korean tech giant has filed shows a magnetic coil charging pad designed to fill up smartphones and smartwatches without the need for wires.

Samsung already offers a wireless charging pad, and its Galaxy handsets have supported charging through magnetic induction for several generations.

But the new patent describes a pad with two different takes on magnetic charging; induction and resonance.

The former uses more traditional wireless charging techniques which require devices to be placed on a pad or no more than 7mm away from its magnetic coil to fill up on electrical juice.

Magnetic resonance charging on the other hand is more advanced and can charge a device from some distance, though we are talking centimetres rather than metres.

While induction is considered to be more efficient at charging up a battery, resonance is championed as being more convenient.

If Samsung’s patent does bear fruit we could see charging pads that can offer nearby wireless charging to a room, rather than be confined to a single spot.

Another feature outlined in the patent is that the charging pad will detect the type of device that needs charging in its proximity and decide which method is best used to fuel the gadget.

If work on this charging pad is already well underway and the patent is not merely a speculative UPTO filing, then there’s a chance we could see the Samsung Galaxy S9, due to make its debut early next year, pop up with a new wireless charging pad in tow.

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