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Samsung wants to build a ‘wearable robot’ exoskeleton

Samsung has delved into the annals of sci-fi and patented a futuristic exoskeleton that augments the human body.

Dubbed a ‘wearable robot’, Samsung’s electronic suit concept connects to a person’s torso, legs, and feet to assist with motion.

It’s packed full of sensors that detect which specific motion the user is attempting, augmenting the movement with robo-heft.

While it’s likely Samsung wants to help humanity with the robo-suit, there’s also a chance the tech giant is finally looking to take Apple up on Steve Jobs’ challenge of thermonuclear war.

In the patent description, Samsung claims the suit could be used to help soldiers or industrial workers carry or lift heavy loads, as first spotted by Patently Mobile.

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Humans wearing exoskeletons isn’t exactly a new idea; several companies are developing similar technology to help disabled people find a new lease of life.

The concept also featured heavily in the recent Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare game, where players can perform superhuman feats of strength.

Samsung exoskeleton

From the depiction, it’s clear the exoskeleton will make you look pretty daft. No one will tell you, mind. They’ll be too scared of receiving a droid-powered fist of fury to the face.

While this patent might sound cool on paper, there’s no saying whether Samsung will actually translate the technology into a real, working creation.

The patent was first filed in Q3 last year, but we couldn’t guess when such a product will make it to market.

Would you strap on a Samsung-built exoskeleton, or is this science gone mad? Let us know in the comments.