Samsung Updates K5 & T9

Combine with the P2 to complete a formidable looking new line up.

While Samsung is already off to a flying start for this year’s IFA with the YP-P2 that hasn’t stopped it fleshing out the rest of its range with two cracking editions.

The YP-S5 (right) and YP-T10 (left and middle) are successors to the quirky speaker touting K5 and Bluetooth sporting T9B. The latter has undergone the biggest makeover to bring its styling into line with the rest of the range, but both make sizeable improvements on their forebears.

In the case of the S5 in fact ‘size’ is the key term since while the K5 received heavy criticism for its bulky proportions its replacement promises to hack this bulk right down. Sadly, Samsung hasn’t revealed the S5’s dimensions but it will weigh just 85g. It will also be available in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB variants and sport an increased battery life allowing 24 hours of continuous music playback or 5.5 hours of video goggling.

As for the T10 this matches the S5 with capacities up to 8GB, offers 30 hours and four hours of music and video playback respectively, has a 2in LCD and weighs a mere 43g.

Vitally both now sport Bluetooth with the former equipped with v1.2 and the latter with v2.0. Cleverly, the two models can also use their Bluetooth capabilities to handle calls from a paired mobile phone (as can the P2 I’ve recently learnt) – very cool.

Expect both models before the end of the year.

Could Samsung be set to make class leading products in yet another market sector? Looks that way…

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