Samsung unveils Galaxy Gear VR for Note 7 – what’s new?

Samsung has unveiled a new Gear VR headset at its Galaxy Note 7 launch event. What’s new? Here’s all you need to know about the 2016 Gear VR for Note 7.

The new Gear VR isn’t a massive update for Samsung’s virtual reality headset, but it does add a few important new features.

Perhaps most crucially, the firm’s latest VR viewer will offer an expanded field of vision (FOV) of 110-degrees, up from the 96-degree FOV found on the previous model.

The headset will be a larger device overall, too, and is expected to measure 207mm x 122mm x 98.5mm (W x D x H). That means it’ll be capable of supporting larger smartphones and phablets, not least the 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 7, as well as older devices dating back to the Galaxy S6.

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By way of comparison, the old Gear VR measured 201.99mm x 116.4mm x 93.6mm.

The hardware and design of the device doesn’t change much, though it’s now only available in an all-black flavour, there are updated controls, and it sports a new-gen USB Type-C connector port.

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Samsung says the head strap on the 2016 headset will be more comfortable – we’re currently waiting to test this claim for ourselves.

Here’s what it looks like, as accurately leaked by renowned mobile tipster @OnLeaks on Twitter recently:

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Are you more excited by the new Galaxy Gear VR headset or the Galaxy Note 7? Let us know in the comments below.