Samsung UMPC On Sale 7 May

Sooner than anyone anticipated and more expensive too.
Update: We've also got UK price and release date now...

Theorised about for ages, then spotted at CeBIT, Microsoft’s Origami project – now known as the UMPC – has had a rather muted reception. Perhaps temperatures will rise now Samsung has become the first UMPC manufacturer to announce a release date and price.


It’s take, called the Q1, will go on sale on 7 May which is one heck of a lot sooner than anyone had anticipated. That’s right, at the time of publishing, there are just four days to go. Or should that be five?

Reason I say this is because there is a serious flaw in this official release date. If you need a minute to work it out then go check your calendars. Back? Good, then you’ll also now realise Samsung plans to release this thing on a ”Sunday”. All the shops will be shut, marketing genius that is.

Overlooking this calendarial (it’s not a word, but it should be) cock up, it seems an even bigger one has been made: price. The all powerful Microsoft Dark Lord himself clearly instructed manufacturers, “Thou shalt not rip off thine prey for a sum greater than 999 of their earth dollars” and Samsung’s gone right ahead and set the RRP at $1,100.

So a Sunday release and an inflated sticker tag aside how will the Q1 be received? I’ll admit that is a loaded question but the positive side of me (the same part that believes Wayne Rooney can be fit for the World Cup and, if not, Sven’s ‘interesting’ selection of Peter Crouch will NOT look completely ridiculous) says people quite like the OQO and it’s cheaper than that…

…Ok, that was grasping at straws. The Q1 might be successful, but Crouch is always going to look ridiculous.

”’UK Update:”’

Given we’re mostly British on this site (Spode aside, who is an alien) we were pleased when Samsung called us today to announce an official UK release date of 1 June. This is pleasing close to the date our Yank mates will be getting it across the pond, though once again we’ve been hit with because-you’re-English-tax which has jumped the RRP to £799 including VAT.

Consequently, it will be interesting to see if you lot will be prepared to splash the same cash for what is essentially a sub-notebook minus keyboard when you can actually get a reasonably specified full machine at a similar price.

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