Samsung U9000 curved UHD TV series to launch in Q2 2014

Samsung has announced that it will launch a trio of curved UHD TV models in Q2 2014 that make up the Samsung U900 series.

The three curved UHD TVs are all 4K models and will launch in the second quarter of this year, although no specific time frame was outlined.

Samsung’s U9000 series will contain 4K UHD TVs sized at 55-, 65-and 78-inches and will be Samsung flagship TV line for 2014.

The South Korean electronics giant confirmed it isn’t ready to reveal pricing for the U9000 series range, but we imagine that will come later in the year as Samsung firms up a release date.

Samsung also launched an 105-inch curved UHD TV that was extremely impressive, and the world’s first flexible TV that can change from flat screen to curved panel before your eyes.

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