Samsung to launch first Tizen phone next month?

Samsung has long teased its plans to introduce a Tizen powered smartphone, but to date the manufacturer has failed to act on these promises.

Now, however, latest reports have claimed the first Samsung Tizen phone will launch next month – at least in in emerging markets. What’s more, it has been suggested that the Tizen OS device will largely resemble the formerly dominant Samsung Galaxy S4.

Citing an unnamed “Samsung official,” specialist blog Tizen Indonesia has stated that the first Tizen phone will land in Russia first before being rolled out to Brazil and other developing markets.

“Samsung Electronics plans to launch the first Tizen smartphone in Russia next month,” the insider is said to have confirmed.

The report adds that Samsung will target its Tizen OS devices at “countries where the smartphone market is still possible to develop” – ie where Android has yet to gain a stranglehold of the market.

The Samsung insider is said to have added the upcoming Tizen phone will “not be much different [from] the Galaxy S4.”
Tizen is Samsung’s in-house OS which has been developed in partnership with Intel.

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An alternative mobile OS to Google’s market leading Android platform, Tizen features a number of similarities to its rival, with a more rounded design principle helping differentiate the two.

At present Samsung’s only consumer available Tizen powered products are the MWC unveiled Samsung Gear 2 and Samsung Gear 2 Neo smartwatches.

Both techy timepieces landed alongside the Samsung Galaxy S5 on retailers’ shelves earlier this month.

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