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Samsung suggests cheap OLED TVs still “three to four years” away

Samsung has suggested cheaper OLED TVs will not come to the market for quite some time.

HS Kim, Samsung’s VP of the Visual Display Business estimated that the arrival of affordable OLED TV sets is still around “three to four years” away.

UHD 4K and OLED were the two major innovations to arrive in the TV market last year, but such TVs are priced considerably higher than the Full HD alternatives.

Both technologies offers superior picture quality from full HD, with 4K offering a resolution with at least four times the number of pixels.

OLED TVs are made from new materials that allow a richer and more dynamic viewing experience, but prices started at around £8000.

“Not many consumers tried to purchase OLED TVs at that price. Price was our greatest barrier. So our attempt to expand the market didn’t really go well”, said Kim.

Despite all the TV innovations introduced at CES 2014, Kim still maintains that the price of OLED TVs aren’t going to lower any time soon due to the manufacturing process difficulties.

“I’m really, really terribly sorry to say this, but it will take more time. I believe it will take around three to four years [for cheaper OLED TVs to come to market]”.

Samsung originally predicted in 2013 that the OLED prices would start dropping within two or three years, but it seems the manufacturing hurdles are far larger than anticipated.

Following the TV theme, Kim touched on the rumours of a Samsung Android TV, similar to the Philips Android TV launched at CES this year.

Kim was reluctant to dismiss the concept entirely, but suggested Google’s OS isn’t currently a focus for Samsung’s TV division.

“From the consumer’s perspective, when they watch TV it doesn’t matter whether it’s a Google or an Android or a Samsung TV”, said Kim, before adding “if Android can provide the best optimal viewing experience, then Samsung will provide that.”

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Via: USA Today