Samsung Stars In X Factor

It is a new series based around three slim and thin legged models born in Sonama and their adventures on a talent contest...

Ok, so I was lying about Samsung having its own TV show (whoda guessed?!) but it does have a new range of ”thin and light”, Sonama ”based” laptops called the X series and there are three ”models”, so I wasn’t a million miles away from the truth (just a few hundred kilometres).

Ok, leaving this surreal scenario I seem to have created behind, lets take some time to pass an eye over the technology. The X Series is a thin and light range built around the revised Centrino (Sonoma) chipset. This means they get PCI Express graphics, DDR2 RAM, SATA hard drives and blah, ba-blah, ba-blah (you know the drill by now).

So moving onto the stuff that really matters, what we have here is a range of 15in machines which weigh as little as 2.37Kg. Samsung calls this a “market leader”, but it forgets the Asus V6800V which is just 2Kg. Despite this, there is much in this line to recommend it including a purported six hours of battery life and built in biometric fingerprint security.


So, starting at the bottom, we begin with the X20 (above) which comes in two flavours: the LVC 730 and the HVM 740. Both feature 15.1 displays at up to SXGA resolution, have integrated wireless 802.11a/b/g, Ethernet and weigh 3.78Kg. The 740 beats down on the 730 by dropping integrated graphics in favour of a 64MB ATI Radeon Mobility X600 graphics card, a faster 1.73GHz Pentium M processor (opposed to the 730’s 1.6GHz option), Bluetooth and a 60GB HDD compared to the 40GB in its little bro.


Jumping up to the second of the three models, we have the X25 (above). Just the single version of this at the moment: the HVM 750. It pimps itself up over the X20s by introducing an SXGA+ resolution display, 1.86GHz Pentium M processor, DVD writer and 128MB Radeon X600 graphics card all the while weighing a teeny bit (0.01Kg) less.


Moving onto the daddies of the X series we are presented with the X50’s (yup… above), the LWC 740 and HVM 760. Widescreen displays are fitted to both these fellas with the 740 having a 1,280 x 800 resolution and the 760 a whopping 1,680 x 1050. They share the shame weight (2.41Kg), with the 740 dropping its specs down to a 64MB X600 card and 60GB HDD. The 760 copies the X25 HVM 750 by slapping 128MB onto its X600 and installing an 80GB HDD while outdoing everything with its 2GHz Pentium M processor.

Pricing for this motley crew begins at £899 and £1,199 for the X20 LVC 730 and HVM 740, increasing to £1,499 for the X25 HVM 750. The cheaper of the X50’s, the LWC 740, is yours for £1,249 while the HVM 760 tops the price list at £1,599.

No release date for these yet, but given the pricing announcement experience tells me you can expect they’ll be out pretty darn soon.

”’Update 23/03/2005:”’

Whaddaya know? Turns out X20 and X25 models are shipping now, X50s start from next week.

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