Samsung Spruces Up The Q1 Ultra UMPC

It happened to the original Q1, so we shouldn't be too surprised.

When Riyad looked at the Q1 Ultra he mused upon the fact that adding a solid-state drive would make it a much more attractive proposition and suggested that within the next few months we would see a model featuring one. Strangely enough, just two months after we reviewed the original, the SSD fitted Q1U-SSDXP is upon us, along with two other new models.

Elsewhere the specs are still the same, so the Q1U-SSDXP offers an 800MHz Intel processor, 1GB RAM and a 7in 1,024 x 600 screen; battery life and heat output should improve though. No UK pricing is yet available, but the US model is $500 more than the same spec machine without the SSD, so expect a reasonable premium in the UK, bearing in mind a separate drive costs around £300.

Backing up the most desirable model is the Q1U-XP, which is simply the same specbut with a 60GB hard disk instead. The main problem we see is that eXpansys lists this spec as around £800 and for that money you could pick up a Q45 which is more powerful, offers better performance, similar battery life and 100GB more storage space.

At the lowest end of the Q1 spectrum is the Q1U-ELXP, which offers a 40GB hard drive and a 600MHz processor. While this will obviously provide lower performance, it should offer better battery life than the 800MHz models and could therefore actually pose a more attractive proposition to the kind of market that the UMPC form factor aims to target.

Either way, while I do like the look of the Q1 Ultra and the latest refresh certainly doesn’t detracts from its desirability I still wouldn’t part with my hard-earned cash for one.

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