Samsung Shows Off MV100, MZ100 Desktop PCs

Impressive 1W standby power consumption!

In a surprisingly coincidental (although almost certainly unrelated) move, Samsung’s Korean outfit has shown off a pair of low-power desktop systems not entirely unlike Dell’s recently-launched Studio Desktop systems. The MV100 Tower and MZ100 Slim Tower (even the names are unerringly similar to Dell’s!) are both pitched as eco-friendly systems, thanks to their low power draws, and the specs definitely back up those pretensions.

Both systems boast impressive 60W operating power-draws and even better 1W standby power consumption. Despite needing less energy than some bulbs, the systems still offer support for a wide variety of Intel CPUs, by dint of using Intel’s G43 chipset, and have the option of either an nVidia GeForce 9500 GS or an nVidia GeForce 9600GT – hardly groundbreaking stuff, but you don’t buy a low power draw PC to play Crysis, anyway.

No other details are available about the MV100 and MZ100, currently. Hopefully for the energy efficiency aficionados among us a UK release is planned. I know my electricity could do with this kind of low power draw PC!