Samsung Sexes Up Core Duo

If Adriana Lima were a laptop... (my mind works in strange ways).

Yes, another Core Duo notebook (we’re sick of them already), but these two are cuties so, the superficial virtual bouncer that I am, I figured I’d let them under the ropes.


Samsung, makers of many original pretty things (except when it comes to D-SLR cameras), is the ingénue again, this time wowing us with the X60, a follow up to the beautiful X50, and the new R65.

Both are stunners featuring 15.4in and 15in displays respectively with the company’s exclusive ‘Digital Natural Image Enhancement’ (DNIE) and ‘SuperClear’ technology. T2300 Core Duo processors are the order of the day and they’re backed up by half a gig of RAM and 80GB hard drives.


The X60 has a slightly more conservative ATI Radeon Mobility X1400 graphics card compared to the R65’s nVidia GeForce Go 7600, but that is also reflected in its greater portability: 2.4Kg compared to 2.7Kg. Further adding to the R65’s density are more beefy SRS 3D speakers for greater sound quality, while the X60 makes a deserved song and dance about its purported 5.5 hour battery life.

All the connectivity options that thoroughbreds from Laptop Land are expected to have these days are featured on this pair, while the R65 goes above and beyond the call of duty with two PC card slots which can use both PCI Express and PCMCIA standards. Remarkably neither model looks set to cost the earth with X60 configurations starting from just £1,056 and the R65 a little more at £1,173 (both prices include VAT).

I spent most of last year lusting after an X50 in what turned out to be a case of unrequited love. Well, I’ve dropped its sorry ass now for the X60. Much the same happened to Kelly Brooke when Adriana Lima came along. Out with the old…

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