Samsung Series 9 notebook and Series 5 ultrabook revealed

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Samsung has unveiled the updated version of its impressive Series 9 notebook and a new Series 5 ultrabook range.

The new Series 9 drops the

plates-of-aluminium-stuck-to-a-plastic-chassis look of the previous

version and instead employs a beautiful sandblasted unibody aluminium

chassis that’s even thinner than its predecessor. Specifically, the 13in

version is just 12.9mm at its thickest while the 14in model is just

14.9mm. Currently there’s no word of an 11in version, as with the

previous Series 9 range.

samsung series 9 laptop

Using what Samsung calls its MaxScreen technology, the company has

managed to fit a 15in inch screen into a conventional 14in chassis, and

likewise a 14in panel in the 13in model. Also, the screen on the

original Series 9 was exceptional but Samsung reckons it has cranked

things up a notch with 180% increase in brightness and 160 degree

viewing angle. It also has a whopping 1,600 x 900 resolution and a matte finish!

samsung series 9 laptop

A backlit keyboard is onboard, along with a glass touchpad, while

internally you get 2nd gen Intel Core i5/i7 processors, 4GB/8GB memory,

128GB or 256GB SSDs and resultant boot up time of 9.8 seconds and

recovery from standby of 1.4 seconds. The 14in version even has battery

life of 10 hours, though there’s no official word on the 13in battery

life. There’s no official UK pricing yet but US pricing is set at $1,399 for the 13in model and $1,499 for the 14in.

Also announced was Samsung’s first official ultrabook (we haven’t yet

determined exactly why the new Series 9 isn’t an ultrabook, except it seems too expensive), the Series


samsung series 5 laptop

Available in 13in and 14in models, it breaks the ultrabook

mould somewhat by having hard drive storage (1TB of 500GB), though the

drives do have 16GB of flash for fast boot and program launch


They also pack in discrete AMD Radeon graphics for

higher level gaming performance, as well as extensive connectivity. Yup,

all told we’re a bit confused about these two laptop ranges and their

designation as ultrabooks or not. We’ll be hands on shortly, though, to

set the record straight.