Samsung Samples Mini Mass Market W-USB chipset

Could this mean take-off?

In May 2005 I proclaimed Wireless USB Finalised? Finally! – what a false dawn. Nearly four ”years” on however we might at last be getting somewhere…

With the launch of its *deep breath* ‘new wireless universal serial bus (W-USB) System-On-Chip (SoC)’ Samsung looks set to bring wireless USB (W-USB) technology to the mass market.

Measuring just 8 x 8mm the chip can transfer data at real world (not theoretical) speeds of 120Mbps – nearly 2.5x that of few existing W-USB products currently available. What’s more in use the chip consumes less than 300mW making it ideal for portable devices like mobile phones and digital cameras. Samsung also anticipates their integration to create wireless printers, beam projectors, wireless hard disks, wireless displays and wireless speakers.

“Connected consumer electronic products are the next step in enabling anytime, anywhere access to information and services,” said Samsung System LSI VP Dr. Yiwan Wong. “One of the keys to wireless connectivity is W-USB technology. While W-USB technology is just beginning to ramp up, its application will soon increase with the consumer electronic and mobile phone markets’ demand for wireless connectivity technology and UWB’s (Ultra Wide Band) fast download speeds.”

Interestingly, this W-USB SoC (hah, we’re getting with the acronyms here) also features 128bit AES encryption and a static signal to make wire-tapping and signal tracing extremely difficult for sensitive information.

Take up? Well Samsung says independent market research analysis firm In-Stat sees worldwide WUSB market in 2009 worth just $22m but from which it will skyrocket to $390m in 2012, an annual compound growth rate of over 200 per cent. Personally I think that’s conservative. Now sampling, Samsung’s W-USB SoC will go into mass production in Q2.

Finally? Finally finally? For real…?

Samsung Korea News
Press Release via The Earth Times}

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