New patent spells holographic tech for Samsung Galaxy S10

Patents filed earlier this year all hint at the possibility of holographic tech for Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10 smartphone.

Several patents have mentioned a hologram device: this device could show a “stereoscopic image in the air using interference of light.” However it wasn’t clear exactly how this would work in practice.

Spotted by Lets Go Digital, A patent published at the end of November has described in detail how the 3D image could be projected. The patent was filed at the start of the year, and talks of a relay lens on the front of the display that is made up of several micro lenses. These, in combination with a spatial light modulator (SLM) ensures that the hologram pattern will be made accurately, after which it’s projected as a beam of light out of the display.

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So far, so Star Trek, but the important thing to bear in mind is that the technical facts and procedures are all described here in detail. This is all worked out, and it seems likely that this will make it into a smartphone sooner rather than later.

Rumours have been swirling around the prestige smartphone, which is expected to launch early in 2019. Other suggested features include a bezel-free design, a fingerprint scanner nestled away under the display.

In terms of hard fact, we know that Samsung’s Galaxy S10 will be powered by the tech giants own shiny new Exynos 9820 chip, which points to some serious grunt, although the capabilities spell out a 4G future for the Samsung S10, disappointing those hoping this could be Samsung’s first 5G phone.

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