Samsung’s IFA Line-up Revealed

It must be rather difficult for technology companies to keep

up-coming products announcements secret given the amount of eager people out

there searching for clues under every virtual stone they can find.

One such person has discovered a slip-up by Samsung regarding

its IFA announcements next week. Yesterday the South Korean company unveiled

four new smartphones which will go on display at IFA, but it was always going

to save something else up its sleeve.

Hidden within an Android app which fans have been encouraged

to download prior to an announcement on 1 September, are the names of

the three products Samsung will be launching – the Galaxy Tab 7.7, Galaxy Wave

3 and the Galaxy Note.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

The Galaxy Tab 7.7 is fairly self-explanatory we assume,

promising to be a tidier version of the Tab 8.9 and 10.1. The Wave 3 is likely to be the company’s latest Bada handset running

Bada 2.0, the SDK of which has just been released.

Finally we have the Galaxy Note, but this one has left us

stumped. It will possibly be another smartphone running WP7 from Samsung or maybe even another tablet

to add to its growing family of slates.

Whatever the Galaxy Note turns out to be, we’ll be on hand

in Berlin to

get all the latest details on all the products, along with images and hands-on videos of what Samsung has to offer.

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