Exploding Galaxy Note 7 batteries were made by… Samsung

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 recall is set to cost the company over $1 billion dollars, not to mention untold amounts in lost future sales and damage to its reputation.

Surely, the firm will be on a warpath for the supplier who makes those faulty, prone to explosion battery units? Well perhaps it would if the batteries weren’t made by a Samsung subsidiary called Samsung SDI

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Reports on Friday reveal Samsung has been forced to turn to a third-party in order to make up for the shortcoming of non-exploding batteries.

According to a report from IBTimes, Samsung has dramatically upped its orders from China’s ATL to provide batteries for the Note 7.

A high-ranking Samsung official last week asked ATL to increase the monthly supply to 4 million battery cells and we have decided to do so,” said an ATL executive.

Previously Samsung had been making 60 to 70 per cent of Note 7 batteries, while 30 to 40 per cent were being made by ATL.

Reports of exploding Galaxy Notes are still prevalent despite the global recall.

Just yesterday, we brought word of a Florida couple whose Jeep was engulfed in flames after leaving a Note 7 charging in the car.

If you’re one of the folks out there still using a Galaxy Note 7, just hope the battery unit was made by China ATL.