Samsung Reveils 7.7MP Camera Phone

Would you like some phone with your camera...?

We English may get a good deal when it comes to fish n chips. Masochistic soap operas and the greatest annual rain fall (did I just call that a plus?!) but when it comes to mobile phones those Koreans makes us red with envy.


Out soon in the Far East is the obscene SCH B500 from Samsung, a camera phone of ludicrous ability. A massive, whopping, down right ridiculous 7.7 megapixels have jammed into this handset’s 18.5mm thick body and digicam fans across the world, yes, you are allowed to faint.

What’s more, the slider styled SCH 500 even has a built in optical zoom and since it is a DMB phone it can receive and view Satellite TV as well. A transflash memory card slot takes on the unwanted roll of trying to support such a glut of multimedia content and a TV port means everything can be shown on a television screen later providing that all important ”nah, nah, na, nah, na” factor to friends.

The elongated display works in both portrait and landscape modes and as long as you are a member of SK Telecom (Any hands raised? Any? Errrr, no) then you’ll be able to pick an SCH B500 up on contract within a month. On the other hand, if you’re a regular Vodafone/O2/Orange/3/Virgin customer you’ll be glad to know this model will be reaching UK shores sometime around 3011… Darn Koreans.