Samsung releases world’s largest UHD TV

Samsung has finally launched its gargantuan 110-inch Ultra HD TV set almost a year after it was unveiled.

The giant 4K set was first revealed at CES 2013 at the beginning of January, but the company is making it available to buy for the first time today, December 30.

We’ve already seen a couple of exclusive 85-inch TVs launched for around the £23,000 price bracket, but Samsung’s latest effort dwarfs those examples at 110-inches. As Samsung points out in its Samsung Tomorrow blog, with a frame of 2.6m x 1.8m this TV is larger than a king-size bed.

As you might expect, Samsung isn’t targeting your average Joe looking for an upgrade to their home cinema experience. We suspect that most living rooms are incapable of containing such a monstrosity. Rather, Samsung claims to be aiming at major government agencies and other such organisations, which tend to make use of larger displays for video conferencing.

There’s no word on price for this whopper just yet, but we do know that Samsung’s 110-inch 4K TV is set to roll out in China, the Middle East, and the rather vague “other major countries” over the coming weeks.

This latest high-end offering from Samsung arrives just over a week ahead of the CES 2014 show in Las Vegas, when a whole new generation of UHD TV sets is expected to be revealed. We’d be surprised if any make as big an impression (literally speaking) as this 110-inch set, though.

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