Samsung rebrands app store Galaxy Apps

Samsung has rebranded its app store Galaxy Apps in an attempt to rival the Google Play store.

In an ploy to grab some more Google Play customers for its own, Samsung has refreshed its app store and given it a brand new name – Galaxy Apps.

Previously known as Samsung Apps, the app store has been given a new interface and has even been filled with hundreds of new apps just for Samsung Galaxy devices.

The new Galaxy Apps store is now divided apps into a selection of special categories to highlight their value, including the likes of Best Picks.

The For Galaxy category is packed with the apps exclusively designed for Galaxy devices. These are sub-divided into four sections, making it easy for uses to view the hand-picked content – Galaxy Gifts, Galaxy Essentials, Galaxy Specials and Apps for Professionals.

Any app you find tucked away in Galaxy Specials you can be sure has been specifically created using the Samsung SDKs for developers.

“We have prepared many special value packs you can immediately download with many more to come,” said Samsung in a statement.

The platform is designed to highlight special promotions or deals on offer by Samsung, but mainly to offer users the option to further customise their new Galaxy device, whether that’s a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S5 or tablet like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4.

Samsung’s app store transformation takes place after you install the latest update for the Samsung Apps store, at which point the refresh will occur.

Don’t hesitate to let us know any awesome new apps you discover for your Galaxy in the new store.

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