Samsung Readies mobile TV Handset For Europe

One of the first DVB-H models.

We got first word on this right at the butt end of the Mobile World Congress in February but now Samsung has deemed it time to share a little more…

The ‘SGH-P960’ is the company’s first concerted effort to club something slim and light together for the so-far apathetic mobile TV European market with a DVB-H supporting handset (Europe’s official mobile TV standard). Being a global megacorp however the P960 will also be able to use ‘Digital Video Broadcast – Convergence of Broadcast and Mobile Service’ (DVB-CBMS/DVB-T) and ‘Open Mobile Alliance Mobile Broadcast Service Enabler Suite’ (OMA-BCAST – a potential DVB-H successor) making it friendly to tele addicted globetrotters (for the shorter acronym alone I’m happy DVB-H is our choice).

Beyond the basic viewing, the P960 can also use an ESG (Electronic Service Guide) for scanning listings and Picture-in-Picture (PIP) is on the menu too along with Time Shifting capabilities (depending on the size of memory card fitted). On the audio front Bang & Olufsen technology is there as well.

As for the raw specs, they’re mostly what we knew before: HSDPA, a large 2.6in QVGA display, 3MP camera, FM tuner with RDS, web browser, multimedia playback functionality and Bluetooth 2.0. Perhaps best of all though, we learn this isn’t going to be a brick since it measures just 102 x 53 x 16.7mm.

Pricing and availability sadly weren’t revealed amongst this outpouring of info, but it sounds like a Q3er to me. Couch potatoes, this one could even be would leaving the house for…

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