Samsung Promises Three Android Handsets In 2009

Determined to make up for the delays which put paid to an unveiling at the Mobile World Congress.

Mobile World Congress isn’t yet finished (even if most moggies are out of their allotted bags) and but we’re already into future talk…

Having admitted it was forced to delay an MWC debut for its first Android handset, Samsung has now confirmed to Reuters that it will be releasing a total of three handsets based on the Google OS during 2009. Fingers crossed it includes the OmnaiHD

Won-Pyo Hong, Samsung head of product strategy (a title which should give virtually indestructible cred to the claim), was the loose lipped fellow and he also announced a mobile using LiMo’s Linux platform would “definitely” appear as well. “By the end of the year, we will be on both markets,” he stated.

Interestingly, the approach runs in complete opposition to LG which yesterday announced it had entered into a partnership with Microsoft to make Windows Mobile/Windows Phone the primary OS on all its future smartphones.

Personally, I know which horse I’d back… and it’s the horse that has particularly fine breeding in search engines. Metaphors. Me. Unstoppable.

via Reuters

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