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Samsung Project Valley could be a foldable, dual-screen smartphone

Bendable, foldable and rollable screen technologies are all expected to make an appearance in the coming years, with latest reports suggested Samsung could be leading the race.

Having already filed a number of patents and prototyped a selection of devices with flexi-screen tech, the Korean manufacturer has now been tipped to be working on a foldable, dual-screen smartphone for commercial release.

Reportedly doing the rounds under the codename Project Valley (or Project V) given the device’s V-shaped bending nature, details of the device have surfaced courtesy of SamMobile’s unnamed insiders.

According to the report, however, the handset is in “the extremely early stages of development”, with its ambitious nature meaning the could be knocked on the head “at any time”.

It has been suggested that users of the two-screened smartphone will be able to flit between panels using “multiple gestures”.

Although the phone’s standard form is currently unclear, it’s claimed that the device could be formed of two sides, capable of being folded together in the middle.

Think the clamshell handsets of yesteryear with a new, high-tech twist.

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Intimate details of the device are currently thin on the ground and, given the lack of official word, we must stress these reports should be taken with a considerable pinch of salt.

However, that said, Samsung’s recent dabbles in varying form factors – we’re looking at the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge here – highlights the firm’s desire to move away from traditional candybar devices.

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