Samsung Preps 3072 x 3072 Pixel Display

Can't let Toshiba have the spotlight.

Early last month Samsung found itself in the uncharted territory of not having a ‘World’s First…’ when Toshiba announced the World’s highest resolution in a 22in panel (3840 x 2400 pixels). So guess what Sammy had to do…

Yep. One month later it has come up with the world’s highest resolution in a ”24in LCD”: 3072 x 3072 pixels.

Realigning the world into its usual way of things, the 46cm wide by 45cm high display uses the company’s ‘FXPB technology’ which works using a process my possession of a social life forces me to quote: “To create its FPXD, Samsung attached photodiodes to a TFT substrate that was produced using its proprietary amorphous silicon technology. The X-rays are detected photon by photon and then converted into visible light, which in turn is converted to electrical signals that can be displayed as diagnostic images on a flat panel screen.”

Away from the science, industry is obviously the target market for beastie in ultra high resolution X-rays and mapping – sadly no crazy Crysis (at least not for a few years). Samsung’s mega panel will go on sale in Q1 2008 for an undisclosed price.

If you find yourself in an ambulance next year insist on being taken to a hospital with one of these…

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