Samsung preparing round smartwatch?

Samsung has patented a design for a round smartwatch, which could be its next wrist worn gadget.

All of Samsung’s smartwatches so far have had square faces, from the original Samsung Galaxy Gear to the current Samsung Gear 2 or Samsung Gear 2 Neo.

However, from the looks of a well fleshed out Samsung patent, the South Korean electronics giant is preparing to launch a round-faced smartwatch at some point in the future.

Consumers seem to really desire the round-faced design of the Motorola Moto 360, which is due to be released later this summer.

Manufacturers have obviously noticed this and are starting to adopt the same design aims. The smartwatch shown in these patents doesn’t quite have the perfectly rounded face, but certainly looks a lot more attractive than the square faced options.

Samsung’s patent outlines three smartwatch designs that have a special camera in the wristband, which is capable of supporting a new gesture recognition system.

It’s not clear how this will function, but this isn’t the first Samsung patent to mention such a feature for future wearables.

These smartwatches also have a charging port built into the clasp, meaning it should be a little easier to charge future wearables rather than having to utilise a proprietary cradle as with the LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live.

The latest Samsung smartwatch is the aforementioned Samsung Gear Live, which runs Android Wear – Google’s wearable version of its Android mobile operating system.

There’s no indication as to whether a round Samsung watch would run on this or Tizen, the operating system powering the Samsung Gear 2 and Samsung Gear Fit for example.

Would you like to see Samsung experiment with round faced smartwatches or are you happy with the current designs?

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Via: Android Central