Samsung Patents Dedicated Gaming Handset

Can Samsung succeed where the N-Gage failed?

While Samsung has built a rep in recent years of offering some of the finest hardware on the market in never-ending ”World’s Firsts” it has been lagging in one area: portable gaming. With the introduction of recently filed patents however it looks like the Korean giant is determined to fill this hole via its mobile phone division.

Detailing two handsets, the first a PSP-esque rival (top) with (dare I say it) SideKick inspired visuals promises “Multi-functionality and multi-purpose utilization including video communication, game, Internet, and camera functions as well as a voice communication function. A wide display device and a sound system for providing a real-like game in the game mode are required”.

The second which appears to be more of an all-rounder (above) is described as “A portable communication terminal such as a Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB) phone, a game phone, a chatting phone, a camera phone, a Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) Layer-3 (MP3) phone, a cellular phone, a Personal Communication Service (PCS) phone, a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), and a Hand Held Phone (HHP)”.

Aside from these notes there is little to speculate upon, but with multimedia capable handsets becoming ever more popular to the masses it seems likely something will come out of this. Just try to make them a little slimmer Sammy, m’kay…?

Patent One
Patent Two

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