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Samsung outlines future smartphone features, slimmer flagships inbound

Samsung has given a tantalising glimpse into its future smartphone lines, confirming it is working on developing ‘denser’ mobile batteries and slimmer camera units.

Pointing to more powerful, streamlined handsets in the years to come, Samsung made the announcement in a developer conference yesterday, May 25 (via MyDrivers)

Looking to further push the realms of smartphone possibilities, the Korean manufacturer has revealed it is working on means of enhancing battery density without increasing the overall size of the power units.

At present, devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 4 feature batteries with a 700Wh/l (Watt-hours per litre) capacity.

The manufacturer has announced plans to move to 750Wh/l units by the end of the year, with 780Wh/l batteries to follow in 2017.

These batteries will feature improved quick charge capabilities too, with future models to achieve 80 per cent charge within 30 minutes of being attached to the mains.

It’s not just smartphone staying power that is set for sizeable advancements over the coming years either. During the same meeting, Samsung outlined plans to introduce slimmed camera units with higher megapixel counts.

Suggesting that its future iPhone 6S challenger could play host to a 20-megapixel snapper, the LG and HTC rival confirmed it is working to shave precious millimetres off its imaging components.

The company outlined how 16-megapixel modules will be trimmed from 6.5mm thick to just 5mm thick during the next 24 months.

This could help rid phones of the protruding cameras that currently plague the rear of flagship devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6

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Sadly, it is unlikely that any of these advancements will be ready in time for next year’s Samsung Galaxy S7 release. Instead, it appears that Sammy is working towards a 2017 rollout for its future smartphone tech.

What features would you like to see hit flagship phones in the coming years? Let us know below.