Samsung Notebooks Panels Get LED Treatment

LCD TV quality displays in a notebook? Yes please!

King of the LED backlit desktop display, Samsung, has managed to prove that it can also make some pretty attractive notebook panels. Three panels were demoed, two of which are 16:9 aspect ratio parts clearly intended for multimedia notebooks, while the last was a while-LED backlit more standard 1,440 x 900 (WXGA) panel.

First up we have an 18.4in, 1,920 x 1080p panel and a 16in, 1,366 x 768 panel. Both offer 800:1 contrast ratios and 8ms response times and have 300nit and 220nit brightness ratings respectively. At the moment Samsung is only demoing the panels, but mass-production is scheduled for the first half of 2008, so we’ll probably see notebooks popping up with them soon after that.

Meanwhile, the White-LED backlit panel has some equally impressive specs to boast. Foremost is the contrast ratio which is reported at, wait for it, 10,000:1, at least. Better still, power draw is a mere 2W maximum, so you should pull some decent battery life from your system while getting mind-boggling images. Production for this piece is slated for second half 2008, so we probably wont see any laptops using the panel for almost a year – should be worth the wait though!

Akihabara News.