Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Release date, price, news and all the latest leaks

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: News, rumours and all the latest leaks

While all eyes are on Samsung’s first big phone release of 2019, the Samsung Galaxy S10, don’t forget that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will likely drop just six months later.

Samsung’s phablet range invariably turns out to be the ultimate expression of its formidable hardware resources in any given year. You can bet that 2019 will be the same. We don’t know a great deal about the handset yet, but here’s everything we think we know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

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Samsung Note 10 release date – When is the Note 10 out?

Here’s when the previous Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones have been announced:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note − September 2011
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 − August 2012
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 − September 2013
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 − September 2014
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 − August 2015
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 − August 2016
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 − August 2017
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 − August 2018

As you can see, Samsung has been remarkably consistent with its Galaxy Note release announcements. Five of the eight models have been unveiled in August, while the other three crept into September.

What’s more, those three all came early on in the phablet range’s life. What we’re saying is, expect an August 2019 announcement for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Availability should fall in August or September, depending on how late in the month the unveiling takes place.

Samsung Note 10 price – How much will the Note 10 cost?

When it launched in August, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 cost £899. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 before it retailed for £869, while the Galaxy Note 7 had a £749 price tag.

It’s a familiar story of rising smartphone prices, which we’ve seen across the market regardless of brand or tier.

Don’t expect the Note 10 to be any cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, then. Samsung’s tendency to cram everything it can into its phablet range means that it’s going to be at least £899.

Indeed, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Galaxy Note 10 creep into the £900s or even £1000s this year. Rival Apple has gone even higher with its own large-screen effort, and with the rumour of 5G connectivity, a significant price bump might be on the cards.

Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Note 10 – Performance

We know the drill by now. The Samsung Galaxy Note always runs on the same custom Exynos processor as the Samsung Galaxy S before it.

Except, what’s this? A rumour that the Galaxy Note 10 will have its own distinct CPU?

That’s what a well known leaker recently posted to Weibo, as reported by Gizmo China. While the Exynos 9820 will make its way into the Samsung Galaxy S10, the report claims that the Galaxy Note 10 will receive the Exynos 9825.

There’s no news on what benefits this second half-step-forward chip will bring, but it’s bound to be a little faster. One decent guess is that the Note 10’s Exynos 9825 will be built to the 7nm process that’s being used in the Apple A12, the Kirin 980, and the forthcoming Snapdragon 855.

The Galaxy S10’s with be built using a larger 8nm process. The difference sounds slight, but it will make for a more efficient chip that can, in turn, be cranked up higher.

Samsung Note 10 – Design and display

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is widely expected to adopt a hole-punch cutout design, enabling the screen to push those bezels into a state of near-nothingness. The question is, will the Galaxy Note 10 follow suit, or will it fill out the entire space in the name of power user friendliness?

The screen has always been a big component of the Galaxy Note family − quite literally. It typically ends up being the best smartphone screen of the year, so we’re always keen for any advanced information.

As far back as October 2018, South Korean financial publication The Bell claimed to know how the Galaxy Note 10 display would shape up. According to its industry sources, the new screen will be a massive 6.66-inch unit, which would be a notable increase on the Galaxy Note 9’s 6.4-inch Super AMOLED and the Note 8’s 6.3-inch unit.

And yes, the report confirms that this will be an OLED panel, as if that was in any doubt.

It’s since become apparent that this is little more than industry speculation. But it’s not the unlikeliest stab in the dark we’ve ever heard − especially when rival Huawei has just released a phone with a 7.2-inch display.

Indeed, a more recent tangential rumour would appear to confirm that a size increase is on the cards. It’s claimed that the Galaxy S10 Plus − the supersized Galaxy S10 option − will be dwarfing the Galaxy Note 9 with its own new screen.

It only takes a simple piece of deduction work to realise that if this is the case, the next Galaxy Note display will surely need to go bigger again.

Credit: Ice Universe via YouTube

Samsung Note 10 – Camera

There’s nothing solid to report on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 camera, other than to once again note that it will probably be very similar indeed to that of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Numerous leaks and rumours seem to suggest that this will mean a triple-camera affair, with the three sensors arranged alongside one another rather than in a cluster like Huawei’s.

Reports suggest that this will include a 12-megapixel f1.5/2.4 lens, a 16-megapixel super wide-angle one with a f/1.9 aperture and a 123-degree field of view, plus a 13-megapixel f/2.4 lens.

Samsung Galaxy A9

Samsung Note 10 – Additional features

Samsung’s phablet family typically takes the bare bones of the preceding Galaxy S model and supersizes it, adding in things like S-Pen functionality while they’re at it.

So when we read believable rumours of the imminent Galaxy S10, they tend to inform our view of the Galaxy Note 10. Rumours of a physical 3.5mm headphone jack for the S10, then, lead us to believe that the same will be true of the Galaxy Note 10.

One feature that the Galaxy Note 10 could well have over some Galaxy S10 models, though, is 5G connectivity. Rumour has it that a special S10 Plus model will gain next-gen network compatibility, with the other models missing out.

That would be understandable, given that 5G isn’t likely to roll out commercially until late 2019 at the earliest.

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