Samsung Netbook Revealed

This bandwagon is getting pretty full.

Humour me, if you will, and riddle me this. What’s white, has a 10in screen, and an Atom processor? No, it’s not an Eee PC, or an MSI Wind. In fact, it’s Samsungs netbook offering – how could you not guess!?

Spec-wise Samsung has done (s)a lot(/s) nothing discernable at all to differentiate from the competition. An Atom CPU, 10in (almost certainly 1,024 x 600) screen and the usual trip of USB ports and VGA out match Samsung’s offering to just about everyone else’s.

The only major difference, in fact, between Samsung’s offering and its rivals’ is that Samsung isn’t expecting to launch its system before October. If its TV pricing is anything to go by, Samsung could well have a winner on price, though.

Anyone else got a netbook they want to announce, then?