Samsung Launches MV800 ‘Flip-Screen’ Compact

IFA, Berlin: Alongside the NX200 launch we reported on earlier, Samsung

has also announced the MV800 digital compact.

                            Samsung MV800

Using a 16.1-megapixel CCD sensor and a 5x optical zoom that

offers the 35mm equivalent of between 26mm and 130mm, the real talking point of

the MV800 is its innovative flip-up screen.

Joined to the main camera body via a hinge on the top, the MV800’s

monitor can be rotated through approximately 180-degrees. This facilitates both

extreme low and high angle shooting, with built-in orientation sensors ensuring

the on-screen image always remains the right way up.

This innovative flip-out design also means you can shoot

self portraits in both landscape and portrait mode with a clear view of what’s

in-frame. The flip-out design can also act as a kind of makeshift stand when

the camera is being used in playback mode.

Samsung MV800

In addition to providing a live view feed for composing and

playing images back on, the MV800’s 3in, 288k-dot screen also offers full touch-screen

functionality for finger-jabbing control over the camera. Given that the home

screen and main menu system is populated with square icons that look suspiciously

like ‘apps’, we suspect many smartphone users will feel instantly at home here.

Elsewhere on the

MV800, Samsung has thought to include some useful and fun technology including a

Picture-In-Picture feature that enables you to position a thumbnail-sized image

within a larger one. There’s also a Live Panorama mode that allows you to

create ultra-wide angle images simply by sweeping the camera with the shutter

button held.

Last but not least, the MV800 also allows 720p HD video

clips to be recorded, with sound recorded in mono and captured movies stored in

the H.264 format.

The Samsung MV800 will be available from mid-September,

priced at £249.