Samsung Launches Another Four New Compact Cameras

Three new NV models and a tour guide…wait, what?

Less than a month after announcing four new budget compacts, Samsung is at it again, increasing its already massive range of digital cameras to an almost ludicrous 44 models, with the launch of three new models in its stylish NV range, and a “convergence” model called the i85.

Usually when manufacturers say “convergence”, it just means they’ve managed to stuff an MP3 player into an existing product, and indeed the i85 does feature a music player. It also features a Portable Multimedia Player which has an unusual and potentially very useful application. It operates as a portable tourist guide, with its 173MB of internal memory storing multimedia travel information covering 2,600 regions in 30 countries, and more available for download from the internet.

The i85 is also equipped with face detection technology (of course) as well as Samsung’s Advanced Shake Reduction (ASR) system and ISO 1600 high sensitivity, which I suspect are in fact one and the same. As well as this it can apparently also take photographs, which will come in handy. The i85 will have a recommended retail price of £229 and will be available from the end of August.

At the same time Samsung has also announced three new models in its flagship NV (New Vision) range.

Top of the list is the NV20, Samsung’s first 12 mega pixel compact camera. Its list of features include improved processing technology, a 3 x optical zoom lens, 2.5” LCD screen, Samsung’s clever Smart Touch interface, Advanced Shake Reduction (ASR) and Red-eye fix. It also offers TV quality MPEG-4 VGA 30 fps video recording and a photo gallery function. The NV20 also has a “multi-charging system”, although as far as I know this just means it can charge via a USB connection.

The almost identical-looking NV15 offers a very similar specification, but with a slightly smaller 10MP sensor. Like the NV20 it also has improved image processing (lower noise? Let’s hope so), 3x zoom lens, 2.5” LCD screen, Smart Touch interface, Advanced Shake Reduction and MPEG-4 VGA 30 fps video recording.

Last and also least is the NV8, which again features improved image processing, 3x zoom lens, 2.5” LCD screen, Smart Touch interface, Advanced Shake Reduction and MPEG-4 VGA 30 fps video recording, but this time with an 8MP sensor. All three NV cameras will be available from September, with the NV20 priced at £249, the NV15 at £229 and the NV8 at £199.

Link: Samsung cameras UK

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