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Samsung launches 55-inch curved OLED TV

Samsung has launched a new curved 55-inch HD TV with an OLED panel in its native South Korea.

Samsung revealed its new set at an exclusive event held in Seoul, as reported by Samsung Tomorrow.

The new television set uses OLED screen technology for extremely deep blacks and vibrant colours. This technology, which lights each individual pixel independently rather than relying on a backlight, is infamously tricky to manufacture at scale, but Samsung claims to have a solution.

Its design is said to eliminate the risk of defective OLED pixels, which should serve to put buyers’ fears to rest. After all, they will be splashing out 15 million won (£8,520) on the 55-inch TV set – around five times the amount of an equivalent 55-inch LCD display.

The reveal follows on from LG’s own curved OLED TV announcement back in April. Like its closest rival (both geographically and in terms of TV production), Samsung reckons that curved screens – an approach it calls ‘Timeless Arena’ – offer a superior viewing experience, as it keeps all parts of the screen an equal distance from the viewer.

As with Samsung’s other high-end TV sets, this new OLED effort allows two viewers to watch different content simultaneously thanks to the nifty use of 3D technology. It can also be upgraded through Samsung’s Evolution Kit system.

Samsung claims that it will start offering its curved OLED TV sets outside of South Korea in July.

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Via: Reuters