Galaxy S9 ‘Intelligent Scan’ could be Samsung’s answer to Face ID

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will have a new security system designed to rival Apple’s Face ID tech, according to reports over the weekend.

An AndroidPolice reader discovered a tool called Intelligent Scan, which appears to combine iris scanning and facial recognition software.

Found in the Samsung settings app, Intelligent Scan promises uses the dedicated iris scanner and the front facing camera to provide “better results even in low or very bright light.”

You can see it demonstrated in the YouTube clip below:

The results could be a more reliable means of recognising exactly who is attempting to unlock the phone, especially in more challenging lighting conditions.

It seems likely the company will include the technology on the forthcoming Galaxy S9 range, which arrives on February 25 at MWC 2018.

However, given there’s no new hardware involved here, it’s entirely possible Samsung could release the tool for last year’s devices too.

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Meanwhile, as reports focus on an imminent security boost for Samsung phones, a recently-published patent gives us a look into the future.

A filing spotted by SamMobile shows Samsung believes its possible to unlock devices using blood flow patterns.

The ‘Real Time Authentication Based on Blood Flow Parameters’ patent, filed in 2016, describes the means of authenticating devices by identifying patterns in the fingerprints and wrists.

The most obvious application is within smartwatches packing heart-rate sensors, while many top smartphones also have heart-rate sensors (such as Samsung’s) alongside the fingerprint scanners.

Within the patent, the company points out ‘the arterial conduction paths of different users are almost never identical’ providing uniquely identifying information.

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