Samsung hints that a 5G phone and foldable device are right around the corner

After years of work, Samsung is nearly ready to unveil its foldable, dual-screen smartphone, believed to be called either the Samsung Galaxy X or Samsung Galaxy F.

The South Korean firm has dropped numerous hints about the device over recent weeks, but if there remained any lingering doubts over its existence, may those be banished for good now.

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Samsung has included multiple references to flexible display technologies in its Q3 results announcement, and it’s clear that folding phones are going to be a key part of its business in the immediate future.

The announcement also contains multiple references to 5G, which will reportedly be supported by at least one version of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10.

“Samsung will strive to expand sales of premium smartphones through differentiated design and a diversified lineup,” reads one section of the announcement.

“The Company will also solidify its market leadership by adopting cutting-edge technologies across its entire Galaxy lineup, including the Galaxy A series.

“Moreover, Samsung will strengthen its competitiveness in the mid- to long-term by leading innovation with the launch of foldable and 5G smartphones as well as enhancing its Bixby-based AI and IoT services.”

The word on the street is that Samsung’s foldable smartphone could be officially unveiled at the Samsung Developers Conference on November 7 in San Francisco, and it appears that it will hit the market in early 2019.

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“In 2019, the OLED business will look to expand into new product categories by continuing to offer technologically differentiated products and to broaden the customer base with flexible panels,” the announcement continues.

“Samsung will also aim to further its leadership by enhancing the technical readiness of new applications for foldable, automotive and IT displays.”

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