Samsung HDD Adds Flash Memory

So that's how Vista will boot in less than six months.

‘A mix’ always tends to be the best option. Whether it is a mix of hobbies, a mix of friends, a mixed routine or the mix of races that create beauties like Adriana Lima and Carolina Ardohain. This rule also now looks like it will be extended to hard drives.


The idea is simple (drop a lump of solid state flash memory in a regular HDD to speed access times) and has been mooted for nearly a year now (Intel being one of the notable promoters). The news now, however, is that the first such devices could be due in just a few months.

Splurging out all over the web are rumours that Samsung, in cohorts with Microsoft in anticipation of its Vista launch, has a so called Hybrid Hard Drive (HHD) ready for display at this year’s WinHEC (23-25 May). The drive will combine 128MB of solid state memory with its existing moving parts storage. Flash memory will handle specific tasks such as booting a computer, putting it into or taking it out of standby, switching it off and serving as the first point of disk access.

In theory the move should cut loading times, reduce power drain on laptops (the moving parts section of the hard drive will come into less use and this no longer have to spin up and down so much) and lower heat emissions. The big question is how much? After all, the figures Intel posted back in October were electrifying.

I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for any sightings of Samsung’s little blighter in action. Mostly because if its really good I want to beat Riyad to owning one (Come On, I have to be first sometime… just once!).


Ok, readers I’ll admit there are exceptions to the mixing law:

*Drinks (thanks Curtis)

*Business & Pleasure (debateable Steven)

*Solo albums verses compilation ones (so true James)

*An all solid state HDD is better than a hybrid (thanks Taj, you smart ass)

*Silver and gold (charmed Janice… we have a girl reader! A girl reader!)

So ultimately the rule is rubbish, except when it comes to models…

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