Samsung Gear VR app teases upcoming Oculus rival

With Samsung set to join the virtual reality race, the app for its upcoming Gear VR headset has leaked online, showing off how the inbound Oculus Rift rival will work.

Unlike Rift, which features its own inbuilt display, it appears the Gear VR headset will take a leaf out of the book of the DIY Google Cardboard, requiring users to slot a smartphone – a Samsung branded one of course – into the headset in front of their eyes.

Once the compatible phone is docked, a setup process will introduce the three initial elements of the Gear VR service – VR Panorama, VR Cinema and HMT Manager (the early Gear VR Manager).

Based on their names, the VR Panorama will seemingly allow users to view immersive pictures while VR Cinema will handle video playback.

Built around these core features, a range of additional functionality will help ensure users gain the maximum enjoyment from the Gear VR.

Utilising Samsung’s S Voice software to allow for voice-based app launching and search, a single physical button on the headset’s frame will offer more intricate navigation options.

Further features tipped for inclusion by the leaked app include VR Lock, screen timeout, undock alerts and a warning alert which will prompt users every hour the headset is used – presumably to make sure you don’t get square eyes.

With the Samsung Gear VR release date widely expected to be announced during the Berlin-based IFA 2014 conference this September – landing alongside the Galaxy Note 4 – we shouldn’t have too long to wait to see the device for real.

At the moment the virtual reality offering is posing as many questions as it’s answering – namely who is it targeted at and for what purpose?

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Samsung Gear VR

Via: SamMobile