Leaked Galaxy X photos reveal Samsung foldable phone prototype

Over the weekend, images of an old folding Samsung phone prototype emerged on Twitter. The project, which was codenamed ‘Project V’ (or ‘Project Valley’), never made it to market, but the images are a fascinating look at a work-in-progress design that could give us some hints about Samsung’s Galaxy X foldable phone initiative. 

First posted on Twitter, the images ended up on SlashLeaks where the thread was later locked after moderators realised the images were of an old cancelled model from 2015 running Android Marshmallow.

Although the handset never made it to market, Samsung is rumoured to still be working on a ‘true’ foldable phone which would feature a single screen that folds in half.

Dubbed the Galaxy X, the hope is that the handset would eventually give users the best of both worlds between a tablet and a phone. It would be small enough to fit in your pocket, but big enough to not limit productivity when you need more space.

However, thus far so-called ‘folding phones’ have essentially amounted to hinged handsets with a phone screen on each side, similar to what’s shown in the Project V prototype, and which actually saw a release with the ZTE Axon M.

These handsets aren’t terrible, but when Android has been developed as a single-screen experience it means that often apps will struggle to scale up to a second screen, rather than having a single screen that simply folds in half.

Hopefully by the time a ‘true’ foldable phone comes around, these kinks will have been ironed out, and we’ll finally get the experience we’ve been promised for all these years.

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