Samsung Galaxy X prototypes secretly revealed at CES ahead of 2019 launch?

Samsung showcased several prototypes of its first foldable smartphone – the oft-rumoured Galaxy X – at a private gathering at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, according to a new report.

The firm invited a small sub-set of attendees to check out the Galaxy X at CES 2018, so it could gauge market response to the several different designs it’s toying with, an anonymous source told The Investor.

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The same source also revealed that Samsung confirmed to spectators that it has decided on a 7.3-inch ‘infolding’ screen and is planning to start manufacturing the Galaxy X in November 2018, lining the unit up for an early-2019 reveal – possibly at MWC.

What that essentially means is that the Galaxy X will be equipped with a flexible display that can unfold to form a medium-sized tablet – though we won’t know whether that’s actually the case until Samsung’s ready to give us a peek.

“Samsung attracted more clients to the private meeting compared to last year,” another source said in a statement issued to The Investor. “The phone development seems to be almost finished, raising expectations for the launch.”

Samsung highlighted a number of other products at the Consumer Electronics Show, including the mid-range Galaxy A8 (2018), the updated Family Hub refrigerator and a slew of new high-end QLED Smart TVs.

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